Supercharge your Data skills by building Real-World Projects

Solve real-world data challenges whilst collaborating with other Data Scientists or Analysts and working across the Data project lifecycle.

Join the Data Jedi Academy 8 week programme now and get one step closer to landing a Data job.

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Join the Data Jedi Academy

The Data Jedi Academy is an 8 week program where you build a real-world project whilst collaborating with other data professionals using professional data management and collaboration tools.

  • Class Period

    Feb 18 - Apr 08, 2022

  • Registration Deadline

    Feb 11, 2021

  • Cost

    ₦100,000 or $200

    (3-month Installment Plan available)

Our Programs

Gain the knowledge and skills for a career in Data with either one of our programs:

Data Analyst

Get started in the high-growth field of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence with this track. The projects you will work on in this program will require you to use technologies like SQL and Power BI to set-up a database, conduct analysis, deploy dashboards and present your work.

Data Science

Become a job-ready Data Scientist with this program. Work on end-to-end projects where you will utilise technologies like Python, Plotly Dash, Flask, Web scraping, Heroku, etc, to conduct analysis, build ML Models, deploy your Models on the cloud and in a web app and present your work.

What's in the Program?

Each track has its own specific set of topics it covers. The idea here is that you apply what you learn in a technical and soft skills session to your assigned project.

  • Technical Sessions

    • How to create dashboards with Plotly Dash - Data Science track
    • MLOps: Deploying ML models on a cloud server. - Data Science track
    • How to do Feature Engineering like a Pro - Data Science track
    • SQL: From zero to hero - Data Analyst track
    • Becoming a Power BI Pro - Data Analyst track
  • Soft Skills Sessions

    • CV Review workshop
    • Relocating abroad to get a Data Science job.
    • Using analytical thinking ask better questions
    • How to present to a non-technical audience
    • Troubleshooting issues effectively
  • Community + Support

    • Weekly Virtual Coworking sessions (2 times a week)
    • Weekly Standups + Retrospectives
    • Project Presentation sessions
    • Mentorship + Feedback from Data Jedi team

Who's the Academy for?

The Academy is for people who have an understanding of the basic skills needed to succeed as a professional Data Scientists. It's for people who've done a lot of tutorials/courses but now want to focus on building projects because they know practice is the key to leveling up their knowledge.

We're specifically looking for people who have:

  • 🐍 Python Programming Skills

    You already know how to write python code, you can write functions, for loops and if else statements. You know how to use python libraries.

  • 📈 Data Science Fundamentals

    You know what supervised and unsupervised learning is. You understand when a problem requires a classification model vs a regression model. 

  • 🕵🏾‍♀️ Problem-solving skills

    You enjoy solving difficult problems. When you don't know something, you know how to use the internet to research the issue and find solutions or tips to help you create a solution.

  • 🕰 Discipline

    The data science learning journey is very difficult. In order to make significant progress and take advantage of the program, you need to commit to working at least 10 hours per week.

Why Join The Data Jedi Academy?

  • 💼 Build a compelling Portfolio

    We have created and curated a set of unique and challenging projects for you to take on. These projects have been designed with a strong focus on making them Enterprise-ready.

  • ♽ Work across the Data Science project lifecycle

    You will not only build ML models and do analysis but you will also have to deploy your models on a cloud server, write unit tests and create interactive web apps.

  • ✅ Receive critical feedback on your work

    Feedback is critical to the learning process so, after the completion of each project, each team will get a detailed note with feedback on their code, presentation and analysis technique.

  • ✍🏾 Learn how to craft a strong CV

    Having a strong CV is crucial to getting past the initial stage and to the interview stage. With the help of recruiters and Data Science managers, we will learn what makes a strong CV.

  • 🤝 Learn to work in a Data Science team

    Using collaboration tools like Slack, Git and a Data Science focused agile framework, you will learn how professional Data Science teams work together.

  • 🗣 Develop your communication skills

    Communicating the results of your model or analysis to non-technical people is a critical skill. After each project, you will get the chance to present to a wide audience. 

Our students love Data Jedi

We're sure you will to. Here's just a small sample of what they had to say.
  • Funmi egbekunle
    Oluwafunmilola Egbekunle
    Infosec Analyst, Ecobank Nigeria
    "I Joined DataJedi because I wanted to hone my Data science skills. And not only did I hone my skills, my expectations were surpassed. The commitment of the Facilitators, Working session, Career Talks, Technical Sessions, networking opportunities, the continued access to all sessions and resources by means of the recordings and the slack community; I find it so invaluable"
  • Yimika erinle
    Yimika Erinle
    Data Analyst, Centre for the Study of the Economies of Africa
    "The Data Jedi program was an unforgettable experience. At this time, I really needed to sharpen my Data Science skills, and the program offered the best avenue to achieve this. It provided the opportunity to work on highly innovative Data Science Projects, network with key people in the industry and learn about remote as well as full time job opportunities"
  • Opeyemi ajala
    Opeyemi Ajala
    Software Developer, Freelance
    "I registered for Data Jedi Academy to have what it takes to become an industry-ready data scientist and after three months of intense but valuable training, I have much greater confidence in my abilities than before. Now I also have a much clearer plan on the steps I need to take in getting to the top"
  • Ugonna erondu
    Ugonna Erondu
    Infosec Analyst, Ecobank Nigeria
    "Joining Data Jedi has been my best decision so far this year. An invaluable takeaway is the quality network of both experienced and young passionate data scientists I now have. I have been exposed to a pool of information I didn't know about previously. This is a very big step in my Data science journey. Data Jedi may not have given me the gold, but it has shown me where to dig. I highly recommend!"
  • Adebesin adedayo
    Adebesin Adedayo
    Data Analyst
    "I say a big thank you to the organizers of the platform for their selfless guidance in my data science journey including the different end-to-end data science projects, and the explicit data science methodologies. Also, those impactful sessions - career development, CV revamping, work opportunities outside Nigeria, freelance opportunities, and other different skill acquiring sessions"
  • Saburi yusuf
    Saburi YUSUF
    Structural Engineer, Badawa Engineering Company
    "If you are passionate about Data Science, participating in the Data Jedi Program would be of immense value to you. You'll experience the entire cycle of a Data Science Project, from Problem definition to model deployment through hands-on real-life projects. Participating in the first cohort is the best decision I have made this year. I have never been more confident in building a career in Data Science/analysis space"

Our 30-Day Money-Back Promise

If you attend the technical, coworking and standup sessions, meet your project milestone deadlines, and still don’t find the course useful, drop us an email and we'll happily refund your full payment within 30 days of the start of the program.

However, please note that the money-back guarantee only applies if you actually do the work and meet project milestones and deadlines. If you don't do the work, you won't get any value from the course. And because we're capping our capacity, by signing up and not doing the work, you're taking a space away from someone else who would've done it and gotten 100x more value from it 🙂

Meet Your Facilitators

  • Folajimi profile pic
    Folajimi Freddie Odukomaiya
    Data Scientist and AI Product Manager

    Folajimi is a Data Scientist and AI Product Manager who has spent the last 5+ years building data-driven products across different industries in Financial Technology, Logistics and Aviation in the UK. 

    He holds a MEng degree in Aeronautical Engineering and is a passionate advocate for STEM education amongst Africans.

  • Adebayo aderibigbe
    Adebayo Aderibigbe
    Data Scientist and AI Engineer

    Bayo is a Microsoft certified Azure Data Scientist and AI Engineer Associate with 15 years of experience across different Information Technology roles in the Oil & Gas and Banking industries in Nigeria.

    He holds a BEng degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering and an MSc in Data Science.

  • Tobi kazeem
    tobi kazeem
    Business Intelligence developer

    Tobi is a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst and Data Engineer with 3+ years experience across the Financial Services and Manufacturing sectors. 

    He holds a BEng  in Agricultural Engineering and has facilitated training courses for organisations like CIBN, Coscharis Group, etc.

  • Abraham enyo one musa
    Abraham Enyo-one Musa
    Data Scientist

    Abraham is a Data Scientist at a fast growing international FinTech Bank with 3+ years experience building data products and credit scoring models.

    He holds a First Class BEng Degree in Computer Science and is passionate about inspiring enthusiasts and helping them find a good bearing in the data space.

Guest Speakers

Here are some special guest speakers we have lined up for the course.

  • Chukwudum chukwuedo
    Chukwudum Chukwuedo
    Data Science Team Lead

    Chukwudum is a Data Science Team Lead at a top global consulting firm in the UK. He has led different projets across energy, finance and sport sectors.

    He holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering, UCL and is currently pursuing an MSc in Business Analytics with Imperial College, and a Chartered Accountant certification with the ACCA.

  • Kolade akinbamijo
    Kolade akinbamijo
    Data Scientist

    Kolade is a Data Scientist at ComplyWorks in Canada.
    Prior to transitioning to Canada, he worked as a Data Analytics consultant at PwC in Nigeria where he led projects across various industries.

    He holds an BSc in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from University of Lagos.

  • Tomi ibirogba
    tomi ibirogba
    HR Advisor and career consultant

    Tomi Ibirogba is a Senior Human Resources Advisor (Europe) at AET. She has won several HR awards and runs a successful career consultancy, My Career Couch.

    She holds a Masters Degree in International EMployment Relations and HR management from London School of Economics (LSE).

🎓 Scholarships

If you think you'd be a great fit for the program, but money's an issue right now, please apply for one of our Scholarships. You need to already have a strong foundation in Data Science and have a tireless work ethic to apply.

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