#30DaysofSQL Challenge

Join the #30DaysofSQL challenge and go from zero to hero in SQL in only 30 days!

With our project case studies, you will enforce your learnings by practicing what you learn amongst a community of people on the same journey.
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What is the #30DaysofSQL Challenge?

We started the #30DaysofSQL challenge to create a community and curated curriculum to support all data professionals on their SQL learning journey.
Whether you are new to SQL or not, the #30DaysofSQL challenge will strengthen your SQL & analysis skills whilst helping you to build a portfolio of data projects.

In the next 30 days, we challenge you to:
  • Commit yourself to spend 1 hour daily to learning SQL.
  • Actively participate in the slack community, ask questions and join in the discussion to help others
  • Share regular updates on Twitter or Linkedin with the #30DaysofSQL hashtag
  • Complete all case studies and get started on your project portfolio.

What will you learn during the challenge?

  • SQL Syntax

    You'll learn how to write SQL statements, what and when to use certain syntax, etc.

  • Data Analysis with SQL

    You'll practice how to do data analysis within SQL, speeding up analysis tasks.

  • Database Setup

    You'll setup Microsoft SQL Server database to get the end-to-end SQL experience.

  • Database Fundamentals

    You'll learn the fundamentals of how databases work which will make you a better data analyst.

How can I get started?

  1. Register for the challenge.
  2. Introduce yourself on the official slack channel.
  3. Share an update on LinkedIn and/or Twitter using the dedicated #30DaysofSQL hashtag. Tweet your committment.
  4. Download the curriculum and Case Studies
  5. Start your SQL learning journey!

    Here's an example of a post you can share on LinkedIn. Screenshot-2021-09-06-at-11-29-32

Get Started on your SQL Journey

Once you click Start Challenge, please check your email for further instructions

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